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2019 new arrive two way alarm system

2019 new arrive two way alarm system long range control with remote start function
  • 01: Model No. LQ090-829
  • 02: - 2019 new arrive two way alarm system long range control, up 1500M
  • 03: - Start with music and vibration reminding
  • 04: - Intelligent auto-arm,Car status reminding,Real-time monitoring
  • 05: - Remote start function is optional
  • 06: - OEM and ODM accepted, MOQ: 200sets
  • 07:
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    Product description


    2019 new arrive two way alarm system with remote start and without remote start




    Feature Function :

  • 1.FSK technology, control range up to 800M, monitor range up to 2000M
  • 2.Start with music and vibration reminding
  • 3.Sound reminding with a chord of three tones
  • 4.Intelligent auto-arm
  • 5.Windows roll up automation
  • 6.Car status reminding
  • 7.Remote alarm mode programmable(vibrating,sound or both vibrating and sound)
  • 8.Real-time monitoring
  • 9.Latest functions setting, handy arming and monitoring
  • 10.Keep good performance even under high or low temperature
  • 11, remote start function (optional)






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